The Soccerball


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CD "The Soccerball"

Nagel-Heyer Records, Germany 2002

Peter Weniger Vs. Martin Wind: "The Soccerball"
Nagel Heyer Records, Germany, 2002

Martin Wind bass
Peter Weniger tenor saxophone
Bill Mays piano
Matt Wilson drums

Recorded by Michael Brorby at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, New York on September 29, 2001.

Produced by Martin Wind and Peter Weniger.
Co-produced by Bill Mays.

1) Kaleidoscope (Mays)
2) Garrigue (Weniger)
3) The Soccerball (Wind)
4) Little Prayer (Wind)
5) What a difference a day makes (Grever/Adams)
6) Antonini (Weniger)
7) Droolin’ (Wilson)
8) Ballad for Barbara (Mays)
9) Ah Leu Cha/Scrapple from the apple (Parker)
10) It never entered my mind (Rodgers/Hart)
11) Early Morning Blues (Wind)
12) Song for my lady (Wind)
13) Pete’s Repeat (Wind)