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Martin Wind & The JazzBaltica Jubilee Ensemble: "Theresia"

Laika Records, Germany 2011

Martin Wind bass, compositions & arrangements
Niels Lyhne Løkkegard alto sax, clarinet, flute 
Johannes Enders tenor sax, flute
Donny McCaslin tenor sax, flute 
Axel Schlosser trumpet, flugelhorn
Nils Wülker trumpet, flugelhorn 
Karin Hammar trombone
Øyvind Braekke trombone
Christopher Dell vibraphone 
Michael Wollny piano 
Andi Haberl drums
Nils Landgren trombone 
Lars Danielsson cello 
Wolfgang Haffner drums

Recorded July 2nd, 2010, JazzBaltica Festival at Konzertscheune Salzau, Germany/ Recording engineer Katja Zeidler (NDR), Germany/ Mixed 2011 by Michael Brorby, Ulf Meyer & Martin Wind at Acoustic Recording Studio, Brooklyn, New York, USA/ Mastered by Stephan van Wylick at Fattoria Musica Recording Studios, Osnabrück/ Produced 2010 for NDR by Axel Dürr and Stefan Gerdes/ Produced 2011 for Laika-Records by Peter Cronemeyer/ © 2011 by Laika-Records & Publishing, Catalognr. 3510273.2/ Photos © by Rolf Kißling and Rainer Haarmann

Produced by Martin Wind.

1.Overture 6.54
2.Out in Pa 13.56 
3.The Cruise Blues 8.13 
4. Remember October 13th 13.37 
5. Theresia 18.19 
6. Get it? 9.28 
All composed by Martin Wind