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"Martin Wind, Ed Neumeister, Jim McNeely - Counterpoint"
CD Release Sep 29, 2023



Martin Wind, Jim McNeely, Ed Neumeister


(Laika Records, 2023)

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Martin Wind, Peter Werniger, Jonas Burgwinkel


(Laika Records, 2023)

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Ulf Meyer & Martin Wind

"Time Will Tell"

(Laika Records, 2022)
Featuring Billy Test and Alex Riel
Release Date: October, 2022

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Martin Wind

New York Bass Quartet - "Air"

(Laika Records, 2022)
Featuring bassists Martin Wind, Gregg August, Jordan Frazier and Sam Suggs plus Matt Wilson, Lenny White and Gary Versace
Release Date: February 25, 2022

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Martin Wind Quartet - My Astorian Queen"

(Laika Records, 2021)
Martin Wind: bass
Scott Robinson: tenor & bass saxophone, clarinet, trumpet
Bill Mays: piano
Matt Wilson: drums & percussion

Release Date: November 22, 2021

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Martin Wind

Philip Catherine, Ack Van Rooyen - "White Noise"

(Laika Records, 2020)
Martin Wind: upright bass
Philip Catherine: guitar
Ack Van Rooyen: flugelhorn, trumpet

Release Date: August, 2020

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